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Who we are

FIG Performance Consulting was set up in 2001 as a business consulting boutique, specialized in private equity investments. In time we evolved into a multi-skilled team with deep understanding of various businesses and industries.

Moreover, we developed close relationships with partners and clients in several territories, from countries in the region (such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Rep. of Moldova) to Israel, France, UK and the US.

We are a group of professionals with extensive expertise in various industries such as banking & finance, oil & gas, business software solutions, manufacturing and we specialize in business optimization from virtually any perspective.

Our services range from business & management consulting, business development within Romania and the region, investment consulting, business process optimization, sales & marketing consulting, IT solution selection and implementation consulting etc.

With a wide range of capabilities and relationships we can help both foreign companies looking to do business in Romania or the region, as well Romanian companies looking to improve their business performance.

Charge Forward with…

Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

We have strong partners specialized in high performance management solutions for the enterprise

Business Intelligence Solutions – among our specialists we have people that were in the business intelligence field in Romania from the very beginning. With an extensive experience involving various technologies, our specialists can offer the best suited recommendations for any business challenge.

Business Process Management Solutions – we also have significant capabilities in this area, both within our consultants as well as in our network of partners.

Security Solutions – From standard, out of the box technologies, to solutions tailored to our client’s needs, we can cover a wide range of requirements in the security field.


What else we do?

Based on our long time business consulting experience, we can provide a wide array of services including management outsourcing, management consulting, business development and sales and marketing consulting.

Sales & Marketing Consulting

In today’s business environment successful differentiation is key.

Business Development

Despite the European ties, the markets in the region remain quite particular.

our Partners

Flexible & Reliable

We partnered with flexible, reliable and cost effective technology vendors and solution integrators in order to make sure we provide state-of-the-art solutions that are both affordable and useful to the companies in our markets.

Global Solution Integrator

We are helping large integrators to deliver on niche projects in their client portfolio.

As large and well-prepared as they may be, they may still need outside competence and know-how, and this is what we are there to provide them with.

Leading Digitization Platform

Digital transformation begins in the heart of a company. AXON Ivy’s knowledge, technology and resources enable customers to succeed with their digital transformation projects worldwide.

Enterprise Management Solution

As particular as a business may seem to its owner or manager, it still has lots of features in common with any other business.

Once defined into an enterprise management solution, they can be configured to fit most particular situations in ways that don’t require costly custom software development.

Communication Platform

Infinica develops high-quality software solutions for Customer Communication Management, focused on document composition, workflow and output management (document distribution).

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