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Business and Management Consulting Project

There are moments when business owners feel overwhelmed and would like to take time off to recover from the stressful entrepreneurial experience.

In November 2014, we took over the day-to-day management of Sinoptix SA, a software development company based in Brașov, Romania, for the next almost 5 years.

This was one of our most treasured experiences as we enjoyed every minute of it.


Managing your own business is a powerful journey and an intense learning experience. One cannot know everything and sometimes needs to rely on external help for a change.


Main Pains

  • Client pressure for more service at lower costs.
  • Company resources poorly managed by the client, generating waste and innefficiencies.
  • Collection difficulties on over dues invoices
  • High level of employee frustration
  • Low level of responsibility ownership.
  • Moderate employee turnover due to low motivation levels and more attractive job opportunities in the area.
  • Low marketing awareness in the market
  • Dated web presence
  • No intellectual property ownership for own software.
  • Dependent on one main client
  • No sales force


We engaged into a management contract, taking over the company’s operations in their entirety, providing both remote and onsite services ranging from team and project management, developing marketing and sales material, new products, partnership and alliances to client contract negotiation and overdue invoice collection.

We optimized the team management approach, implemented new service delivery policies, negotiated new ways to coordinate with the client’s project management team and organized team events for boosting morale and motivation of the employees.


  • Team management and control optimization
  • Better results through reducing waste and improving efficieny
  • Restored team spirit and improved morale and motivation
  • Managed to grow the company by 40% in personnel, 30% in turnover and 120% in profit during a large and complex project, critical cu the company’s main client.
  • Renegotiated an increase service fee, to align to the new market conditions and personnel costs.
  • Had the go to Brasov almost every week for almost 5 years