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We are providing risk management consulting services for the financial services industry based on the leading edge Risk Accounting method, pioneered in JP Morgan Chase and further expanded and refined in the academic environment in the UK. The latest formulation of the method was published in the Journal of Risk Management for Financial Institutions in 2016, raising the interest of high level risk professionals working for large international organizations.

The Risk Accounting method allows financial services organizations to acquire a 360 degree view on their risk exposure accumulations and monitor their evolution over time by product, department, line of business, geography etc. The method provides a straight forward way to quantify risk exposures into meaningful metrics that provide a common framework for the communication among the financial, operations and risk management areas of the organization. This way, capital allocation becomes more reliable, risk reporting will provide better management decision support and operations will become more risk aware, being able to prevent transactions that could exceed the risk appetite limits of the organization.

Our consultants are certified Risk Accountants by SERRAQ (the not-for-profit entity that manages the Risk Accounting standard) and accumulated the required expertise in proof of concept projects in the industry.

In addition to the consulting services, we provide risk accounting based software solution – MetRisQ – developed in collaboration with the Durham University Business School, a leading UK university, and Sinoptix SA, a Brasov based software development company.

MetRisQ allows financial services organizations to identify, quantify, monitor and report on their risk exposure accumulations and their evolution in near-real-time. Please visit the MetRisQ website for more information.