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CRM Migration and Consolidation Project for a Large Telecom Operator

Repeated, large-scale mergers between telecom companies result in widespread inefficiency and higher costs which need to be addressed through system migration and consolidation. A large Romanian telecom operator ran such a project, to migrate clients from a CRM system belonging to an acquired company, to the core CRM system. This was a one-year project that we worked on while in charge of the management of a software company that developed the target, core CRM system.


We supported our client business ambitions and goals by seamlessly providing software development and support services that required a 40% increase in headcount and over 60% in workload.


Main Pains

  • Meeting tight deadlines and budgets.
  • Syncronizing accross business lines for providing the desired results.
  • Overcoming current core-system issues while integrating data from the source system.
  • Having to provide several contractors with project plans and task lists in a consistent and reliable manner, to ensure the desired results.


Taking over the planning and project management processes and directly engaging with the client in the definition of the required deliverables, related to our area of responsibility.

Recruiting, training and inducting additional personnel to be able to handle an increasing number of tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

Managing teams and maintaining people’s morale during the most difficult times in the project delivery.

Managing costs and long payment terms while increasing the team’s headcount.


  • The part of the project we helped manage was successfully delivered close to the initial deadline, with only 2 minor delays.
  • The client was able to stay within the initially established budget and time frame, with neglijable exceptions.
  • The company we were managing has experienced a 30% boost in turnover and 120% in net profit.