We primarily help our clients be successful. Whether it is by optimizing their marketing communication, their sales approach, their information access or just by putting them together with a reliable business contact, we make sure that our clients get exactly what they needed and possibly even more. We… UNDERSTAND -First […]

In June 2014 we represented our client, Prodinf Software, at the Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum held in Baku’s beautiful Fairmont Hotel. In the 2 days of the event we provided presentation delivery and business development services, identifying and interacting with the potential clients present at the event. It was a […]

AIIF – Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum (June 19th – 20th, ...

It’s not always easy to convey the right message about your product or service to your audience. No matter how well you know your product or how much you love it, it is hard to look at it through your customer’s eyes. This will mainly result in disappointment, doubt and […]

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